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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Self Portrait in a T Shirt - Layer 2

I  started painting layer 1 . I also applied the background colour , its helping to build up tones
on the face.

I have started refining the features .


  1. Great self portrait Rishi, and I love that you left some of it unfinished.

  2. This is fantastic, Rishi. I will be stopping back in to see it progress.

  3. This looks great.. and wonderful that you are sharing the wips too.. it looks complete to me in both versions so far.. but will come back to see the progress..

  4. This is great, I'll enjoy seeing your steps. Thanks for sharing your work in progress.

  5. Hi Rishi,
    This looks so perfect, the eyes are so lively. I am sure, evryone who knows you well must have approved of it.

    I have changed my blog to . My old blog address is being used by someone else and it is appearing as VINAYAK DESHMUKH ART in everyone's bloglist which is not correct. Please make the necessary changes.


Florentina , a beautiful lass on a bright sunny day.
My wife selected this picture which I enjoyed painting.
I love the vibrant colours . The best part I painted the major part of the painting in two hours.
I guess I am improving.

Park stroll

Park stroll
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