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David Garyson

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thinking Deep , In progress

11 x 14

Original Oil on Canvas

This is my latest study painting, this painting is at a loose preliminary


  1. Admirable work! I like your style, brushstrokes, loose edges.
    Amazing colors!

  2. Oh my gosh!! BEA-U-TIFUL!!

    Amazing work Rishi!!

  3. Rishi, wonderful looseness to this piece. Great light reflection in her hair—beautiful!! Thanks for following my blog. :)

  4. Beautiful...What else I can say! She is your creation with fantastic expression, colors and lights...:)

  5. Love the pose, the limited palette and most of all the fabulous hair with the back lighting! This is a WOW - can't wait to see it finished!

  6. If this is in the preliminary stage, I can't wait to see the finished piece. It looks great already. The lighting, the pose, very nice.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

  7. This does't look like in preliminary stage,light and shadows talk beautiful in this.
    Thanks for your comment Rishi.


Florentina , a beautiful lass on a bright sunny day.
My wife selected this picture which I enjoyed painting.
I love the vibrant colours . The best part I painted the major part of the painting in two hours.
I guess I am improving.

Park stroll

Park stroll
Oil on masonite